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COVID : Getting back together safely

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Readiness level: AMBER

This means: Section meetings can take place outdoors only. No residential activities.

Our plans for getting back together at Scouts safely

When the government restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic are relaxed, we will use the following guidelines to return to face-to-face Scouts activities.

An outline of how we will operate, following Scouts’ ‘COVID Code’:

• New control measures will be in place for all activities

• Additional hygiene measures will be put in place

• Social distancing will be observed

• Group sizes will be limited

• Adjustments will be made for young people vulnerable or affected by COVID

Returning to Scouts will happen in phases, the first of which will let us resume outdoor activities in small groups. Returning to face-to-face Scouts is voluntary for all young people, parents/carers and volunteers.

Our restarting plans will follow all government rules and guidance from Scouts’ UKHQ.


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