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Admissions Policy


1st Northchurch Scout Group and Thunderdell ESU Admissions Policy

As with all Scout Groups, there is a natural progression through the scouting sections (Beavers to Cubs and then Scouts), so once you are invited to join a section, you are guaranteed a place in the onward sections. Beyond Scouts there is Explorers which operates at a district level, Thunderdell ESU (who partner with 1st Northchurch) like all Explorer units are fed from all of the Scout Groups in the area but commit to providing priority places for Scouts leaving 1st Northchurch.

1st Northchurch Scout Group only currently have volunteers enough to run one of each of the sections, therefore there are only a limited number of places available.

Waitlists are held for all three sections, typically however only the Beaver Colony is fed into from the waitlist and the later sections only take new members from the waitlist if they have children leaving from those sections.

You may join the waitlist for any of the sections, however once your child is past the starting age for that section, they will be automatically moved to the next age appropriate sections waiting list.

To join the waiting list process please fill in the form at the bottom of our website with your child’s name, date of birth, parent name, address, contact email and phone number.

Please note there is no lower age limit that your child’s details can be added to the waitlist so you may register your child from birth if you so wish.

Whilst the waitlists determine places offered, on a first come first served basis, priority is given to children falling into the following categories.

  1. Children of current uniformed Northchurch Scout Group Leaders.

  2. Siblings of current Northchurch Scout Group members with their name on the waitlist.

  3. Children living in the village of Northchurch with their name on the waiting list.

  4. Children with their name on the waiting list the longest.

N.B. You may join as a Leader to be given this consideration; however you will need to complete the process of becoming a leader before this priority can be offered. When application numbers are high, there are no guarantees of a place being allocated for your child in any of the groups, as there are a set number of entrants per section, per year for the sections starting age group; which due to current section sizing and numbers, mean we can only take 9 new members per year.

Our adult leaders are on hand to help your child as much as they want us to and when they need it, but we are always on the lookout for more leaders as the more leaders we have the more we can offer, and with enough new leaders, who knows we could even open new sections to better serve our community so if you think this is something you can offer please get in contact.

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