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Privacy Notice for Parents



This Privacy notice helps you understand why and how we collect your personal information and what we do
with it. It also outlines decisions you can make about your own information. If you have any questions about
this notice please contact the District Secretary.


What is personal information?

Personal information is information that identifies you as an individual. Included in this is your contact details
and bank details.


How and why do we collect and use personal information?

We set out below some examples of the differing ways we use personal information and where it comes from. Our main reason for using your personal information is to provide a Scouting Programme to your child.

  • We obtain information about you from admissions forms and any other Scout Group your child may have been in.

  • We may need to enter your details onto an on-line records system such as On-Line Scout Manager.

  • We may have information about any family issues that might affect your child's happiness.

  • We may take videos or photos of you and your child at events to use on social media, on our website or in other promotional communications. This helps prospective parents and young people see what we do and to help promote Scouting. We may continue to use these images after your child has left the Group.

  • We may use your information in the unlikely circumstance you make a complaint about the Group.

  • We may send you information about what is happening in the Group e.g. details of events and activities (including fundraising events) and newsletters.

  • We may use information about you if we need this for archival purposes or for statistical purposes.

Bank details

  • Your bank details are neither processed or stored as all electronic payments are made by you to us via BACS transfer.

Third party information sharing


  • We may need to share information in an emergency e.g. if you or your child was hurt whilst on a Scouting activity.

  • We sometimes use companies to handle personal information such as On- Line Scout Manager to help us with programme planning and communications.

  • We may have to share information with local authorities, e.g. if there was a safeguarding concern.

  • We may need to share some information with Scout insurance e.g. if there was an incident in the meeting place or at camp.

  • We may also need to share information with the Scout, District, County or Headquarters for their advice.

Your personal data that we collect will mainly remain within Scouting and will be handled only by our volunteers on a ‘need to know’ basis. Any special needs data will need to be provided to Leaders so we can care and support of your child.

Our legal grounds for using your information


This section contains information about the legal basis we rely upon when handling your information as outlined above.


Legitimate interests


This means we are using your information when it is necessary for our legitimate. We rely on this ground for many of the ways in which it uses your information. Specifically, the Group has a legitimate interest in:


  • Providing your child with a Scouting programme.

  • Managing our waiting lists.

  • Improving Scouting e.g. if we want to raise money for new equipment to make sure that we are providing a good Scouting experience.

  • Looking after your child and other young people.

  • Promoting what we do e.g. we may use images of your child in our materials, [our website or in our social media].


Also, your personal information may be processed for the legitimate interests of other people such as investigating a complaint. If you object to us using your information where we are relying on our legitimate interests as explained above please speak your child’s Leader.

Your child’s vital interests

In rare situations we may use your information to protect your child’s vital interests or the vital interests of someone else (e.g. if you or they are seriously hurt).



We may ask for your consent to use your information e.g. taking photos. If we ask for your consent you can take it back at any time. Any use we have made of your information before you withdraw your consent will still remain valid.


Legal claims

We are allowed to use your information in the case of any to legal claims – this would allow us to share details with our insurers and Headquarters.

We are required to comply with extra conditions where we handle special categories of personal information. These special categories include revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, genetic information, biometric information, health information, and information about sex life or orientation.


Sending information to other countries

We may have to send you or your child’s information to countries without the same level of protection for personal information as there is in the UK e.g. a Scout event overseas. The European Commission has produced a list of countries which have good data protection regulations. Details can be found here. If the country we are sending your information to is not on the list or, is not a country within the EEA (which means the European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) then, it might not have the same level of security for personal information as there is in the UK. In such cases we will provide you with details about the
safeguards we will put in place in this situation.


Keeping your information

We will keep your information for as long as we need to provide a Scouting programme and look after your child. We may keep some information after your child have left the District e.g. so that we can find out what happened if you ever made a complaint.
In exceptional circumstances we may keep your information for a longer than usual, but we would only do so if we had good reasons and only if we are allowed to do so under data protection law.

We can keep your information for a long time or even indefinitely if we need it for archival records or statistical purposes. The list below shows for how long we keep different types of information.

  • Accident and medical treatment records

    • Date of birth plus 25 years.

  • Complaints with Scouting

    • 10 years and then reviewed.

  • Your child’s progress record

    • 5 Years.


What decisions can you make about your information?

Data protection legislation coming into force in May 2018 gives you rights about your information. Some of these are new whilst others build on your existing ones. Your rights are:

  • you can ask for us to delete information we hold about you in certain circumstances e.g. where we no longer need the information;

  • if information is incorrect you can ask for a correction;

  • you can ask what information we hold about you and be provided with a copy;

  • you can ask us to send you certain types of information about you in a format that can be read by

  • computer;

  • our use of information about you may be restricted sometimes e.g. if you inform us the information is inaccurate we can only use it for limited purposes while we check its accuracy.


Further information and guidance

This notice is to explain how we look after your personal information. Please ask to speak to your child’s Leader if you would like us to update your information or you would prefer that certain information remains confidential. If you consider that we have not acted properly when using your personal information, you can contact the Information Commissioner's Office:


Using Images of Young People Policy


This Policy provides information to parents and Explorer Scouts about how images of young people are normally used by Scouting. It also covers our approach to the use of cameras and filming equipment at events by parents and the media. The policy applies equally to Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts. It also takes account of data protection legislation and guidance from the Information Commissioners Office.

It also applies in addition to any other information we may provide about use of images, more general information about the use of young peoples’ personal data and Privacy Notices.

Parents will be aware that from the age of 13 and upwards, the law recognises young people’s own rights to have a say in how their personal information is used and this includes their images. For practical reasons, we apply this consent regulation when Scouts move to Explores but should any Scout aged 13 and over wish to assert their rights whist in the Troop, we will naturally support this.


General points

As described in our Privacy Notices, we may take photographs or videos of young people at events to use on social media, on our website or other communications. We will rely on legitimate interests for this use. This helps us show prospective parents and members what we provide and to promote Scouting. We may seek specific consent from parents or older Scouts and Explorers before using a photograph or video recordings where we consider that the use is more privacy intrusive. We may continue to use these photographs and videos after your child has left us.

We hope that parents and Explorers will feel able to support us in using images to celebrate achievements and to promote Scouting.

Any parent or Explorer Scout who wish to limit the use of images should tell their Leader. We will respect such wishes wherever reasonably possible, and in accordance with this Policy.

Where we rely on consent, it will remain in place and be deemed valid until:


  1. the young person leaves Scouting;

  2. the young person reaches the age of 13 when additional young person consent may be required; and

  3. either the parent or young person withdraws consent at any time. Please be aware that it is only possible to remove online images and we cannot change printed materials once published.


Use of Images in Publications

Unless the Explorer or their parent has requested otherwise, we will use images of young people to keep the Scouting community (parents, members, Leaders,) updated on our activities and for marketing and promotional purposes, including;


  1. on internal displays (including clips of moving images) within our premises;

  2. in communications within local Scouting including by email, intranet and by post; and

  3. on our local Scout website and, where appropriate, via any social media channels e.g. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Such images would not normally be accompanied by the young person’s full name without permission;

The source of these images will predominantly be our volunteers (all volunteers must use technology safely and responsibly in accordance with our Policy and Data Protection Policy). All images will be kept secure and safe.


Use of Images in the Media

We occasionally supply images to the local media in certain situations e.g. Events, gaining awards. In the rare event that the media come to us and wish to take their own images, where practicably possible we will notify parents and Explorers in advance. We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that where permission has been refused for images, no such images will be provided for media purposes.

The media often ask for the names of the young people to go alongside the images, and these will be provided only where parents have been informed about the media's visit and either parent or Explorer has consented as appropriate. We would not normally use the full name, only the first name.


Security Images

We take appropriate technical security measures to ensure images of young people held by us are kept securely and protected from loss or misuse. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that volunteers only have access to images of young people held by us where it is necessary for them to do so.


Use of Cameras and Filming Equipment (including mobile phones) by Parents

Parents or close family members are welcome to take photographs of (and where appropriate, film) their own children taking part in our events, subject to the following guidelines, which we expect all parents to follow:


  1. Parents are asked not to take photographs of other young people, except incidentally as part of a group shot, without the prior agreement of that child’s parents or where appropriate the Explorer.

  2. Parents are reminded that such images are for personal use only. Images which may expressly or not identify other members, should not be made accessible to others via the internet e.g. Facebook or published in any other way.

  3. Parents may not film or take photographs in changing rooms, tents, nor in any other circumstances in which photography or filming may embarrass or upset young people.

  4. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw permission to film or take photographs (at a specific event or more generally), from anyone who does not follow these guidelines, or is otherwise reasonably felt to be making inappropriate images.

  5. Leaders will question anyone they do not recognise who is using a camera or recording device at Scouting events.


Use of Cameras and Filming Equipment by Young People

All young people are encouraged to look after each other and to report any concerns about the misuse of technology or any worrying issues to a Leader.

The use of cameras or filming equipment (including mobile phones) is not allowed in toilets, washing or changing areas, nor should photography or filming equipment be used by young people in a manner that may offend or cause upset.

The misuse of images, cameras or filming equipment in a way that breaches this Policy, or the Association’s Anti-Bullying Policy, Safeguarding Policy or procedures is always taken very seriously.

Further Advice

If you would like to contact us about any aspect of this Policy, please contact your Leader.

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